When moving in.

You may move into your new apartment at 12.00 (noon) on your first day of rental. If this day is a Saturday, Sunday or other public holiday, you must wait until the next weekday before moving in.


You pick up your keys at your local Kundcenter/customer centre. If you are not able to pick up the keys yourself, you can provide someone else with a certified letter of authorization (pdf) to do it.

Note: The letter of authorization must be witnessed and signed by two outside witnesses.

Please bring with you the following:

  • Passport/ID.
  • The receipt for the rent payment (can be shown in mobile phone).
  • Study proof (Ladok registration certificate on paper or in mobile, Mecenat card in mobile app, valid student union receipt, admission letter from the university or other proof)
  • Certified letter of authorization, if someone else is picking up the keys.

Note: It is important that you present everything according to the list. If not, we can refuse to hand you over the keys.

Moving in before your rental agreement begins.

It is possible to get the keys directly from the previous tenant before your agreement begins. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • You should contact the current tenant yourself. Name and phone number are marked on your contract.
  • Previous tenant is responsible for the apartment until previous tennant agreement expires. It is useful to go through damages in the apartment together as it is the previous tenant who is responsible for any remarks we make during the technical inspection.
  • You should write your own receipt where it is stated which keys the current tenant hands over to you. In that way you have a proof of who has lost them in case some keys are missing when you come to register them on your name later.
  • Make sure you are satisfied with the cleaning before you take over the keys.
  • You agree on the rent with the previous tenant. 
  • You must come to your customer centre within 10 days after your contract begins to register the keys and show a proof of identity, student certificate and receipt of the first month rent payment.

If you wish to move in earlier, i.e. start the occupancy in the middle of a month, no new contract will be issued. If you want to move in at the beginning of the month, SGS Housing office will draw up a new contract. We need to receive notice before the 15th of this month. The present tenant must send a written confirmation to SGS Housing office that the accommodation will be available for reoccupation a month earlier.


Your new apartment is inspected. You can find the inspection report on My pages. Check the apartment and, if furnished, the fixtures. If there are damage and defects to the apartment or fixtures that are not included in the inspection record, you must notify us within 10 days after your contract began. Otherwise, you risk being held liable for any damage you have not caused. You do this via the Fault Report on "My pages". More information about the inspection can be found on the Inspection page.

Untidy apartment.

No cleaning inspection is made between the moving-out inspection and the time you move in. It is therefore important that you check the cleaning on the day you receive your keys at your customer center. If you notice that the apartment is not move-in clean, please call your customer center immediately.

Furniture and equipment

If your apartment is furnished you find an inventory list in your moving-in information for your area. Check that everything on the list is in your apartment. Textiles, e.g. curtains and shower curtains are not included in the furnishing, nor are light bulbs or kitchenware.

For more information see respective area.

Take over the previous tenant's furniture

If you, as a moving tenant, are to take over furniture from the previous tenant, you must fill in the form "Form for takeover of furnishings or equipment" and submit it to your customer center before you move into the home. You can find the form here.

Study requirements for renting.

On moving in you have to prove that you are studying or that you have applied to study at University of Gothenburg/Chalmers University of Technology.

You are required to obtain a minimum of fifteen points/marks per term/semester, according to the new university point system, during the period of the lease. (Exception: doctoral candidates). The maximum period of lease is sex years. Extension can be granted with a maximum of four years for doctoral studies.

After finishing your studies you have to be prepared to move. If you have special reasons, you may apply for exemption from the study requirements.

If you should not be admitted to the University of Gothenburg, you will be released from the contract with a week’s notice. We need a written notice and a copy of the negative reply from the Board of Admission. Please note that this rule only applies to the newly signed contracts, not if you already rent a flat from SGS Studentbostäder.

When moving out.

Keep this in mind:

All keys must be handed to your Kundcenter/Customer centre no later than 12 noon the day after your contract expires. If the moving out day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday your moving out will be on the next weekday. 

There is a key box in all our customer centres (Johanneberg, Olofshöjd, Rosendal and Utlanda) where you can leave the keys outside the office hours. Put the keys in a small bag/envelope, write on your name and address and leave it in the key box at the respective customer centre. We will contact you if some key is missing.

Any furniture that you have set aside shall be returned to the flat. If anything is missing, you will be charged for this.

Empty the flat and any storage areas of your belongings. Patios and balconies must be emptied and cleaned by the tenant. If you have a shared kitchen your belongings, including food, should be removed and the kitchen should be cleaned.

Moving out earlier.

It is possible to hand over the keys directly to the next tenant before your rental agreement expires. There are, however, a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • You are responsible for the apartment until your agreement expires. It is useful to go through damages in the apartment together as you are considered responsible for any remarks we make during the technical inspection.
  • You should write your own receipt where it is stated which keys you hand over to the next tenant. In that way you have a proof of who has lost them in case some keys are missing when the next tenant comes to register them on his/her name.
  • Make sure that the next tenant is satisfied with the cleaning before you hand over the keys.
  • You both agree on the rent that the next tenant will pay you. 
  • You should inform your customer centre that you will hand over the keys directly to the next tenant.
  • Contact your customer centre if you want to get in touch with the next tenant. We will then send your contact details to him/her.
  • Read here what applies to the internet connection when moving out earlier.


When you give notice, a move-out inspection will be conducted within the final three weeks of your contract period. This is a technical inspection so we are not going to check the cleaning. You will be notified about the date of the inspection by regular mail and on "My pages" so that you can be present if you want to. We will use a spare key if you are not at home. You can normally check the inspection report after 16.00 on the same day it was conducted.

You will find more information about how to prepare for the inspection on My pages here. If you got any more questions about the inspection please contact your Customer centre.


Remember to carefully clean your flat when moving out, so that the new tenant may move in at once. If the flat is not properly cleaned, you will be charged for the cleaning costs. Cleaning tips.

Parking place.

If you rent a parking lot/garage from SGS Studentbostäder, please give a written notice of the termination to SGS Housing office. If you rent a parking place from another housing company, you should give notice of the termination to the landlord.

Peep-hole/safety lock.

A peep-hole or an extra safety lock on the door belong to the flat. Should you dismantle these fittings, the door must be restored into its original state.

Change of address.

Notify Skatteverket (Tax Agency) of your change of address. Do not forget to inform your friends, your insurance company, other personal contacts and SGS Studentbostäder of the change of your address.

Terminate your subscription or order moving of your telephone in good time before moving out.
If you get a separate bill for electricity, inform your electricity supplier.