Moving in and moving out.

University of Gothenburg – Arrival day.

On the arrival day, you receive the keys from the University of Gothenburg, Welcome services. The University informs you about the arrival day. The SGS offices are closed Saturday-Sunday.

SGS Kundcenter

If you arrive any other weekday, you must collect and sign for the keys at your local SGS Kundcenter. The name and the location of your Kundcenter is stated in the housing offer e-mail under “Arrival”.

Please bring these documents when you pick up the keys:

  • Identification (i.e. passport).
  • Your housing contract.
  • Proof for rent payment (only if you paid recently).

Note: All SGS offices and Kundcenter are open Monday to Friday, 9-16, but  close 1 pm the day before public holidays. Check office hours well in advance before arrival.


Your flat has been inspected after the previous tenant departed.
If you have questions about the inspection, please contact your Kundcenter. Please use this contact form or call your local office. You find the address and telephone number to your office here.

You can find more information about the inspectionon My pages.

Untidy apartment.

No cleaning inspection is made between the moving-out inspection and the time you move in. It is therefore vital that you contact us at once if you are unhappy with the move-out cleaning of the previous tenant. In order to assess the cleaning, we will have to look at it.

Furniture and equipment

All rooms/apartments are equipped with basic furniture, such as a desk with a set of drawers, a chair, one or two beds, bookshelves and lamps.
Some of the apartments are furnished by the University of Gothenburg and the furniture and fittings may be different from those in the SGS regular rooms. 

There is an inventory list under each area description on the Ugot website under Tenant’s info, Our apartments. Please check that all items on the list are in the flat. If not, make a note of missing items on the tenants’ inspection report.

Following items are not included; textiles, e.g. sheets, towels, curtains and shower curtains. Light bulbs, kitchen utensils and cookware is not included.


Moving out.

The contract runs for a predetermined period and you are expected to move out when the lease expires. No notice of termination is needed.

We terminate the contract on the expiry day. You should clean the apartment and move out. All the keys must be returned to your Kundcenter at departure.

If you want to terminate the contract earlier, see the rules below.

Giving notice to move.

If you leave before the expiry date of the contract:

The lease can be terminated at the end of the month occurring no earlier than three calendar months from the cancellation.

Notice of termination can not be given in the middle of a month. Exception; you can cancel the spring term and move out in mid January, if you give notice in September.

Example; The SGS receives your notice on February 12. The notice period starts from March 1 and the lease expires on May 31. You return the keys to your Kundcenter on the 1st of June before 12 o’clock at the latest.

Please fill out the notice form, scan it and send it to e-mail We need a written and undersigned notice three calendar months in advance. 

Find the form for giving notice here.


A moving-out inspection will take place after you have moved out. Read more about it here.

Check list.

Please clean your room properly so that the next tenant can move in directly. Do not forget to empty and clean your cupboards in the communal kitchen. You will be charged for neglected cleaning. 
Check our Cleaning tips.

If you have moved any piece of furniture from the room, this must be restored before moving out.

Empty your residence and storage of all personal belongings. Do not leave any food in the room or in the cupboard in the shared kitchen. The SGS staff does not store any items left behind.

The keys to the flat and the communal spaces (kitchen, laundry) should be returned to Kundcenter by 12 o’clock (noon) at the latest the day your contract expires.

If the office is closed, put the keys in an envelope marked with your name and address and drop them in the slot/mailbox for keys outside your Kundcenter.

It is important to lock the door and shut the window(s) before leaving the flat to prevent damage occurring after departure or outsiders to enter the flat.

Close your Internet account. You may use the contact form on the SGS website. Log on to My pages under the Ugot website and fill out the contact form online.

Giving notice to leave a parking place.

If you rent a parking place from the SGS, you should give the Housing office a separate notice one calendar month in advance.