Information about rent and payments.

Paying your rent.

You pay your rent monthly and in advance. If you have not received a rent slip, you are still obliged to pay the rent on time.

The rent must be received by SGS no later than the last weekday of the month. Your payment will be registered with us on the date your bank deposits the money into our account. If you are unsure how many days before you need to make the payment for it to arrive on time to us? Talk to your bank.

You will receive your invoice on My Pages around the middle of each month. The invoice contains all the information you need to pay the rent.

Payment of rent from a Swedish bank account should be directed to our Bankgiro number 602-9797. Your OCR number, it's the same OCR number every month, amount and due date shall be indicated.

To be sure that the payment is correct, always use the payment details you received from us.

If you want to pay for several months at a time, you can add up the rents yourself and pay it all at once. It's a good idea to pay a little extra to cover any bank fees and exchange rate. Any surplus will be added to next month's rent.

If you sublet your apartment you are still obliged to ensure that the rent is paid on time.

What happens if you do not pay the rent on time?

A late paid rent means that you get a collection claim from Intrum which is the collection company SGS cooperates with. With a debt collection claim, there is currently SEK 180 as well as interest that is payable from the due date until payment is made. If the rent remains unpaid, it will incur additional costs for you and may also mean that your opportunities to change or apply for housing within SGS will deteriorate or your rental agreement will be terminated. Our policy is that you should have paid the rent in time during the last 6 months in order to search or change housing.

Make sure to pay the extra amount on the next invoice. 

Annual rental negotiation - what does it mean?

Rental negotiations are something that all property owners are engaged in every year. SGS Studentbostäder negotiates rent levels with Hyresgästföreningen Region Västra Sverige (HGF). HGF is representant for  represents you as a tenant. As soon as the negotiations have begun, usually in November each year, we inform about it on the website. When the negotiations are completed, this may mean that we raise the rents or that there will be no rent increase at all. We will notify the negotiation result on the website and on your payment slip.

NOTE! If you live in one of our rented properties, it is the property owner who negotiates the rent. Therefore, there may be a difference in the negotiation result / level of any increase.

Bank giro service.

Payment of the rent from a Swedish bank account is made to our bankgiro 602-9797. Enter your OCR number, which is the same every month, the amount and the due date. 

Payment by electronic invoice.

You can get your rent on an e-invoice sent directly to your internet banking. All payment details are then already completed and you approve the e-invoice before payment. The service is free. Many banks also offer automatic payment on the due date and a message by SMS or email when a new e-invoice is sent to your Internet bank.If you are not already registered for e-invoicing with your bank, you must arrange it. You should then register that you want to use SGS Studentbostäder as the recipient of your e-invoices. To pay the rent with an e-invoice it is required that you are a customer (the person who signed the contract) with us. You should also have a Swedish personal identity that you have notified us.On application for e-invoice, please quote your item number. The item number can be found on your rental slip or contract.

NOTE! If you previously have had an electronic invoice you must unregister as an e-invoice customer at your bank before you make a new application.

Rent payment from abroad.

The rent is paid to the SGS Studentbostäder’s bank account at Handelsbanken.

  • SGS bank: Handelsbanken, Drottninggatan 36, S-404 39, Göteborg
  • Number of the SGS’ bank account:  6691-635 283 468
  • IBAN NO: SE 786 000 000 00 00 635 283 468

Recipient of payment: SGS Studentbostäder, Kaserntorget 11, SE-411 18 Göteborg
Use the BIC and IBAN for safe money transfers from the EU countries. Students from outside Europe should transfer the money to the SGS’ bank account.
It is also possible to use the SEPA credit transfer and pay in Euro. Use BIC/Swift HANDSESS. Please round up the amount so that it corresponds to the amount in SEK. 
Refer to the OCR number (reference number) on the invoice on the payment and always state your address in Gothenburg, your customer number and your name.
Save the receipt or a draft of Internet payment and bring it with you on arrival, if you paid only recently.

SGS Studentbostäder/ SGS Student Housing Foundation
Tel: +46 31 333 63 00
E-mail: SGS Customer Service


Housing allowance.

Students are eligible for housing allowance. If you need proof of your rent, use your last rental slip. See for further information.


The notice period is stated on your rental agreement. It is one calender month for single rooms with 10-months rent and two calendar months for other apartment types.
The notice period is counted from the next turn of the month and the notice should be received by SGS Customer Service at the latest on the last weekdays before the start of the notice period.
Giving notice can in most cases be made through My pages. When the notice is signed and ready from you there is a link to a cancellation confirmation on a PDF. There are some exceptions and in these cases, you must submit a written cancellation notice to SGS Customer Service.

If the new tenant would like to see the accommodation you are required to participate in the display of the dwelling. Offers will be sent to several people at the same time.

Tenants who have a rental agreement with Chalmers or Göteborgs universitet have different times of notice. See your housing contract. 


10 month rent period.

All single rooms and one room with a kitchen cabinet have a 10-month rent. The exception is a room with a kitchen cabinet on Dr Forselius Backe and Kastanjebacken, which is designated as an apartment and thus has a 12-month rent.

If you move in between August 1 and March 31, you have rent-free June and July. If you move in between 1 April and 31 July, you pay rent for June and July of the same year, but rent-free June and July the following year. You can live in the acommodation as long as you meet the study requirement, the usual notice period applies.

If you live in a room with a 10-month rent and move to another room/room with a kitchen cabinet, you may retain the same conditions as in the previous rental agreement.

If you move into a single room/single room with kitchenette with 10-month rent, you can keep your queue time.