Rent negotiation for 2023 completed

SGS Student Housing and Hyresgästföreningen Region Västra Sverige have reached an agreement on rent adjustment for 2023. The agreement means that the housing rents for 2023 will be increased retroactively from March 1 by 4.6% except for properties listed below that have been built with investment support and therefore receive another adjustment.

Pleiadgatan 2.7%

Övre Sanatoriegatan 3.1%

Tillgången 3.9%

Sven Brolidsväg 3.9%

According to the Tenancy Act, property owners must have a negotiation arrangement with a counterparty, and for SGS Studentbostäder's part, this is Hyresgästföreningen Region Västra Sverige.

The reason why we are adjusting the rents retroactively is because the negotiations between the parties dragged on, even though we followed the current negotiation model. The model involves local negotiations, but if the parties do not agree, the negotiations are taken over by central representatives for each party. We started the negotiations on time in November 2022 with the focus on being ready by January 2023 to avoid charging retroactive rent. When we could not agree at the local level, the matter went on to central negotiations and a decision was announced to the parties on May 11.

The homes that we sublease from another property owner on Dr Lindhs gata, Ekbacka, Brahegatan, Gårda Fabriker, Kastanjebacken, Lisa Sass gata (Selma), Nya Varvet and Smörkärnegatan will receive a 4.6% increase in the residential rents.

The retroactive rent is charged on the June rent statement for all SGS homes. You can see your rental report on My pages from May 22.

We currently have no information about the rent adjustments for the other 1,000 homes that we rent from other property owners.

We are well aware that the rents are a heavy expense in the students' finances, but due to increased costs we need to adjust the rents. SGS Studentbostäder is not satisfied with the protracted process. Next year, the parties' negotiation process will be developed with the aim of shortening the negotiation time to avoid retroactive rent adjustment.