Information due to Covid-19 in the Västra Götaland region

SGS Studentbostäder takes the situation with the CoVid-19 - coronavirus very seriously. Our extended management team is responsible for external monitoring, information and action plans. This affects our routines and working methods and we will take extra precautions to prevent spread the virus and the infection.

Latest update from SGS February 22 2021

Due to the increased spread of infection and the stricter advices that Västra Götaland Region has issued, here follows important information for you who live at SGS Studentbostäder.

Visiting our Kundcenter

From Monday 9th of November we will only accept booked visits to our Customer Care Centers. This includes Kundcenter Utlanada, Olofshöjd, Rosendal, Johanneberg och Kaserntorget (Housing Office). 

Call us or use the heading “Contact” and scroll down to “Request for appointment to Customer Center” on My pages on our website. You can book an appointment between 09.00 – 15.45 every weekday. We will limit the number of persons in our premises.

We also ask you to book only necessary visits. You will find most of what you need to know on our website and can always report errors via "My pages" or by phone. Feel free to call us and we will help you!

During the pandemic only the outmost necessary error reports will be fixed. That means errors that endanger your safety and health or the functions of your flat. We will likely contact you beforehand, make sure you answer on our calls. Our numbers often start with 031-333 6X XX. If you are unsure, contact us and we will help you. If you have a booked meeting with us in your apartment and not feeling well, you must let us know in beforehand.

Moving out

Please use our mailbox for keys located at your Kundcenter. Put them in an envelope and mark it with your name and address. 

Common areas

With regards to the new quarantine advices, we will close all common areas in all SGS houses. This applies to areas such as study rooms, gyms, meeting rooms, etc. Shared kitchens and laundry rooms will be open as usual. We encourage you to jointly create schedules for when using the shared kitchens and not stay there for other than cooking.

We all have a personal responsibility to help reduce spread of covid-19. At the same time, we care about being able to continue to offer you the service you are used to. We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause.

Kundcenter Kaserntorget, 031-333 63 10

Kundcenter Utlanda, 031-333 64 20

Kundcenter Rosendal, 031-333 64 60

Kundcenter Johanneberg, 031-333 64 40

Kundcenter Olofshöjd, 031- 333 64 00

Take care!

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