How to apply and get an apartment.

Register in the UGOT queue.

When admitted to the University of Gothenburg you will receive a code. Please use it to register your application as soon as possible.

The application may take a couple of days to be approved. You will get a message when it is done.

  • Choose the queue for Ugot under Our objects. Type the registration code sent to you by University of Gothenburg.

  • Personal details. Tick the box “I don't have a Swedish social security number” and the box for gender, male = man, female = kvinna. 

  • Type your date of birth in format YYYYMMDD. If you have a Nordic social security number, you can not use that for housing application; only type the date of birth.

  • Choose a user name and password of your own. You should remember the password. Fill out your permanent address in the home country. If you get an error when typing the zip code, just write a zero (0). Check that you always have the right e-mail address registered.

  • Profile information. Fill out the profile information and choose the length of your lease, either one or two semesters, 6 or 12 months. 

  • Check the information you entered and confirm by ticking the box under “Approval”. Save the application. You get a message on the screen when the application is successfully sent to the SGS letting office.

  • Verify e-mail address. When you save the application, a verification mail is generated automatically. Click on the verification link once in order to do that. The application is blocked until you verify your e-mail address. 

  • You receive a confirmation (welcome e-mail) when the application is completed.

If you have been waiting for the welcome e-mail for more than four working days, please contact us on e-mail to  

If you need help with the application, please send your question to

Note: You can only make one registration. Do not try to create several registrations, to avoid problems with your account.

Look for vacant apartments.

When your application is approved by us, you can look for vacant apartments. Log in on My Pages and go to Vacant objects. Chose the queue “UGot” and serch for available apartments.

Available apartments will be posted on the Ugot website Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Before you apply for a specific object read more about the housing area and check out the move-in information under each area description under Our apartments.

Apply for an apartment.

Click on the object you want to apply for.

Observe: You receive the contract immediately, if you are the first person to apply for that specific object. 

The contract is sent automatically as a pdf document to the e-mail you have registered on the housing application. If your e-mail settings do not allow pdf files, you can not receive the contract.
Please change the e-mail.

If you can not apply for a specific flat, the reason may be that someone else already got the contract. When there are many students applying simultaneously, it takes a few minutes before the website is updated.

Respond to the offer.

If you accept the offer, print out the contract, sign it (date and handwritten signature are needed), scan the contract and send in four days time to e-mail
We send you a confirmation when the flat is booked for you.

If you decline the offer, send an e-mail to, write the address of the flat and your name in the message. Please reply in four days time. We shall delete the offer and you may apply again. You can decline two offers.

If you give no reply. You have four days to respond to the offer counted from the day the contract was sent to you. In case of no reply from you, we delete the offer after four days and your application will be blocked.

If you do not have a code.

If you have not received a registration code from the university, you may not register under the Ugot website. 
Go to the SGS English website, which is for all university students, and register your application.

Contact before arrival.

If you want to contact your Kundcenter before arrival, please use the contact form.
You have to refer to the address you will move into in Gothenburg.

Pay the first rent in advance.

Students should pay the first monthly rent in advance. The payment should be registered on your account at the SGS before the starting date of the contract.

The rent is always due in advance. When you have accepted the housing offer, you will be able to see your rent account under My pages on the SGS' website.

The invoice for the next month appears under My pages, My housing, the rent  at the end of each month. 

You find the Payment instruction here.

Please check the payment registration under My pages, the rent, after 8-10 working days.

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