When moving out

Parking space

If you rent a parking space from SGS Studentbostäder and want to cancel it, you can do so on My pages. If you rent a parking space from another housing company, don't forget to submit a notice of cancellation to them.

If you want to keep your parking space with us, you are offered to do this by signing a new contract. Contact us for more information.

Change of address

Remember to report change of address well in advance.A change of address is made to the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). Remember to notify your new address to friends and acquaintances.


A moving out inspection will be conducted within the last three weeks of the contract period. During this inspection, we do not inspect cleaning but before you move out, you must clean the apartment thoroughly so that a new tenant can move in immediately.

You will be notified by email and on My Pages when the inspection will take place, so you can attend if you wish. In the information about when your inspection will take place, we ask you to confirm that it is ok for us to use our extra key to enter the apartment.

Things to think about before inspection

  • Equipment details such as doors, hat shelf, curtain fittings, etc. must be located and installed in the apartment during the inspection.
  • Equipment in addition to the apartment's standard, such as wall mirrors, carpets, etc., may not be transferred to the next tenant, without their written approval. You can find a form for taking over furnishings or equipment here. Equipment left behind will be dismantled and taken care of at your expense.

If you are not sure what is included in the apartment's standard, contact us or ask during the inspection.

Furnished residence

For furnished apartments, all furniture must be located in the apartment and match the inventory list otherwise you will be charged for the costs of locating, supplementing and/or transporting furniture that is missing.

Inspection report

You can view the inspection report on My Pages on the same day it was carried out after 4:00 p.m.

Return keys

Your keys must be handed over to SGS Customer Service no later than 12 noon on the day you move out. SGS Customer Service is open every weekday from 09:00 - 16:00. There is also a key drop-off where you can leave the keys between 07:00 and 19:00.

You are responsible for ensuring that the apartment is cleaned on the day your contract expires, regardless of whether you have handed in the keys before the move-out date.


You must clean your home thoroughly before you move.

SGS Studentbostäder cooperate with the cleaning company Vital Service who can offer you a favorable moving out cleaning. If you choose to book Vital Service, you are guaranteed a fully cleaned apartment that will be approved by SGS. The offer can be combined with the RUT deduction, which means that the price will be lower for you as a tenant. For more information about the RUT deduction, please see the Swedish Tax Agency's website

Read more and take advantage of the offerhere.

You can also choose to clean your apartment yourself. Make sure to use the checklist but remember that all interior details in the home must be cleaned.

If you have not cleaned properly, you will be charged the cost SGS receives for hiring a cleaning company and an additional on-call fee of SEK 1,500.

You are responsible for ensuring that the apartment is cleaned on the day your contract expires, regardless of whether you have handed in the keys before the move-out date.

Cleaning the kitchen

  • Clean all the plates of the stove and the top of the stove. Pull out the stove, clean the wall, floor and sides. Remember that all plates and grates must be cleaned. Don't forget the oven, the fan cover and the filter.

  • Defrost the freezer. Do not leave the freezer unattended to avoid any water damage.

  • Turn off the fridge and freezer and leave the fridge and freezer doors open for ventilation.
  • Clean the sink, surface of the bench and cutting board.

  • Wash and wipe all cabinets, both inside and out.

  • Wipe the floor, walls and ceiling.

Bathroom cleaning

  • Clear and clean the floor drain.

  • Clean the toilet, both inside and out.

  • Clean the sink with a mild detergent. Do not use anything that can scratch the surface. Also clean the pipe and under the sink.

  • Clean the shower/bathtub with a mild detergent. Remove the front of the tub to clean properly under the tub.

  • Scrub the walls.

  • Wipe the floor and ceiling.

  • The exhaust vent should be cleaned.

Cleaning of other rooms

  • Clean windows - outside, inside and in between and clean blinds if there are any.

  • Clean carpentry, and elements.

  • Wipe floors and moldings, as well as interior doors (don't forget the top edge of the door).

  • Clean out cupboards and wardrobes.

  • Wipe the floor, walls and ceiling.

Other spaces belonging to the apartement

  • Balcony/patio must be cleaned.

  • Storage rooms need to be cleaned.