Information regarding the processing of personal data

Maintaining customer integrity is important to us in all processing of personal data. With that being our goal, we have invested considerable time and effort in ensuring that our systems and routines are secure. We provide continuous education and information about the importance of respectful and secure processing for our personnel and suppliers. We describe here how we handle your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

Stiftelsen Göteborgs Student Housing (SGS) is the controller and responsible for the processing of personal data that occurs within or on behalf of the organization.

We collect information about you when you apply to rent or express an interest in renting an apartment, parking space, premises, or when signing a rental agreement and broadband connection. In your application your address, personal number or equivalent to a Swedish “personnummer” that establishes or verifies your identity is required. In addition we collect information from educational institutions/student unions, your previous landlords and information about your credit ratings from a credit reporting company. Certain personal data is also recorded in the system logs of our web servers when you visit our web pages. Cookies and IP addresses are used in analysing how visitors use the web site that we provide.

As contact with our customers takes place mainly on ”Mina sidor” (My Pages) or e-mail, it is important you ensure that your e-mail address is correct and updated. We also use social media to make contact with our customers. We check these sites regularly and remove inappropriate data. When you use any of these social media it is important that you do not register personal data that can be abused by others who have acces.

During the rental period we record and process data in connection with various matters relating to the rental relationship. Personal data may also be processed as part of other additional services provided by SGS and when verification of student status is performed. We may also register and process information for marketing, customer surveys, and other types of events offered by SGS and partners.

We share your personal data when required to authorities, facility maintenance suppliers, insurance company that is offering to provide you with home insurance, prospective renters booked for flat show and to other landlords that ask for a reference. It is our policy not to share any information about our tenants. This applies for instance on enquiries.

To the extent that the processing of your personal data is carried out on behalf of SGS by a supplier to SGS, a written agreement is concluded that regulates that the personal data is processed in a legal and secure manner. 

Exceptions to this are in cases where we store data in some form of cloud-based service which means that the data may be processed in a third country or at e.g. dialogue with an applicant who is outside the EU/EEA. In these cases, we are particularly careful to minimize the data that is processed and the storage time, as well as otherwise comply with the requirements of the GDPR on contractual clauses and other measures, for example obtaining consent.

Your personal data is saved as long as your application is active. Your application needs to be renewed every 12 months to remain active. During the time you have a rental contract with us we keep your personal data as long as we need them or in accordance with Swedish law. Your data will be deleted within two years after your rental contract has expired unless we are required to keep information a longer period by specific laws such as the Swedish Accounting law.

Primarily the information we register about you is required in order to fulfil the rental contract or to fulfil legal requirements from the authorities. In a few cases we perform a so-called balance of interest evaluation where we assess to what extent certain non-sensitive information could jeopardize your personal integrity in relation to the benefit of our business. For instance we use your e-mail address to simplify communication and we collect information in customer surveys. We will request your consent prior to registering your data if we are by law required to do so. An example of such data requiring your consent is a health declaration needed when requesting to have ones application prioritised.

You are entitled to request a copy of your data that is registered with us. If you wish to alter or make a correction you can conveniently do so via “Mina Sidor”. You also have the right to request rectification, request erasure, object against processing, request restriction of processing, recall consent or request transfer of personal data to another landlord if technically possible. You can do so by contacting us to our address provided below.

The postal address is SGS Studentbostäder, Att: Dataskydd, Kaserntorget 11, 411 18 Göteborg

If you are not satisfied with SGS processing of your personal data contact The Swedish Data Protection Authority which is the supervisory authority.