We're taking a stand against domestic violence

Domestic violence takes place in the home, a space which should be the safest place on earth. In our accommodations, we want us to take care of each other. That’s why we’re introducing Huskurage – a policy encouraging us to together prevent domestic violence. Are you in?

Domestic violence is a classified global health problem.

Did you know that the ones most likely expose others to domestic violence are men between the ages of 16 to 30 years? And the ones most likely to be exposed to the violence are women in the ages of 16 to 24 years? Introducing Huskurage in our student accommodation is therefore exceptionally important. Swedish national safety surveys show that a majority of those being exposed to violence, doesn’t report the abuser. A number of people therefore live with violence every day.

Together we can make a difference!

Together, with small actions, we can prevent the violence. Research shows that those being exposed to violence are more inclined to offer resistance if they know help is available, for exampleknowing that neighbours can come to the rescue. These conditions give us the opportunity to together help our fellow residents.

A safe place to live

When neighbours together decide to act against domestic violence we create a safe place to live. Life can be saved and people can be helped to a brighter future. If you are conceraned about your neighbour, we ask you to please

 knock on you neighbours door or get help from another neighbour or us if you find it uncomfortable to do it by yourself. If the situation is urgent or threatening you should always call the police.

  1. Knock on ypur neighbour's door
    Ask if everything is okay or come up with something completely random, maybe you need to borrow washing powder? Just knocking on the door and then leave can also be enough to interrupt the violence.

  2. Go together
    We understand if it’s uncomfortably to knock on the door yourself,and if so is the case you shouldn’t do it. Instead, find the company of other neighbours or call SGS and we’ll go together!

  3. If children are involved
    If you’re concerned for children being exposed to violence or neglect, contact the social services and make a report of concern.

Thank you for caring!