The Foundation Göteborgs Studentbostäder.

SGS Studentbostäder was founded in 1951 on the joint initiative of the city's student unions, Göteborgs Förenade Studentkårer (GFS), and the municipality of Göteborg.

Business concept.

Our business concept is to provide practical and attractive housing for full-time university students in Göteborg.

Company type.

A non-profit foundation run on a business-like basis and in competition with other housing companies in Göteborg. The rents should give room for adequate write-offs and any maintenance work necessary. The rents are determined in negotiations with the Hyresgästföreningen union of tenants in western Sweden.

Governing board.

The municipality of Göteborg appoints a chairperson, two members of the board and two deputy members.
Göteborgs Förenade Studentkårer appoints a vice-chairman, two members of the board and two deputy members.
Göteborg University appoints one member of the board and one deputy member.

The foundation is affiliated with:

SSBF (the Swedish Student Accommodation Association)
Sveriges Allmännytta (the Swedish Association of Municipal Housing Companies)
FASTIGO (the Employers’ Association for the Property Sector in Sweden)
The procurement organization HBV, Husbyggnadsvaror