Our organisation.


CEO Magnus Paulsson 031-333 63 55 Contact
Management Coordinator Catharina Lind 031-333 63 65 Contact
Head of Human Resources Lotta Milleskog 031-333 63 67 Contact
Chief Financial Officer Victor Alm 031-333 63 76 Contact
Customer and Marketing Manager Anna Christensson 031-333 63 95 Contact
Property administration manager Neshat Alizadeh 031-333 63 22 Contact
031-333 63 72 Contact
IT & Security Manager Susanne Wallsten 031-333 63 36 Contact

Board of directors.

Chairman Camilla Widman (City of Gothenburg) Contact
Deputy chairman Ted Berg (GFS) Contact
Member Carl Otto Lange (City of Gothenburg) Contact
Member Jack Vahnberg (City of Gothenburg) Contact
Member Evelina Spaanheden (GFS) Contact
Member Victoria Hansson (GFS) Contact
Member Mette Sandoff (University of Gothenburg) Contact
Deputy member Vacant (City of Gothenburg) Contact
Deputy member Zagros Hama Aga (City of Gothenburg) Contact
Deputy member Gabriella Näslund (GFS) Contact
Deputy member Nils Geeraedts (GFS) Contact
Deputy member Fredrik Nilsson (Chalmers University of Technology) Contact