Precautions regarding the Corona virus

SGS Studentbostäder takes the situation with the CoVid-19 - coronavirus very seriously. Our extended management team is responsible for external monitoring, information and action plans. This affects our routines and working methods and we will take extra precautions to prevent spread the virus and the infection.

Latest update

We continue to care about our tenants and therefore follow the recommendations of the National Health Authority regarding continued endurance concerning restrictions. We have therefore decided that the gym in our properties will continue to be closed. The decision is continuously reviewed. 

All gyms located in our properties are closed to prevent infection.

We change our opening hours so far and are open for visits to our customer center between 10:00 - 13:00. Telephone times are unchanged, ie between 09:00 - 16:00. 

Fault reports

In order to reduce the spread of the CoVid-19 - coronavirus, we ask you to primarily use the form "Fault report" or "Contact form" on My pages on At the slightest symptoms of illness, we ask you to call your customer center so that we have that information in mind before fixing the error.

If you as a tenant have a fault in your apartment of a very acute nature, such broken appliances, a complete stop in the toilet seat, rising drains or power outages, please inform us of any illness symptoms and/or if you have recently been abroad.

We would like to urge you as a tenant that you cancel any booked appointment such as inspections or otherwise with SGS staff or contractors if you or someone in your household has been traveling for the past two weeks. The same applies if you feel the slightest symptoms of illness.

We have invited all our contractors to contact our tenants before booked meetings so that you can have a dialogue whether the booked meeting should be conducted or postponed.

Tip if you live in a single room with group kitchen!
Make a timed cooking schedule for staying in the kitchen if it feels uneasy that there are too many people at the same time.

Moving out

When moving out, we ask that you leave your keys in an envelope with apartment and personal number in our key boxes outside the customer centers. You can do this 24/7.

Please keep up to date on our website, about our restrictions and conduct.

Of course, this is a very special and undesirable situation. We hope for your understanding and thank you for your cooperation so that we together can reduce the spread of the coronavirus.


Please contact your customer center.

Customer Center Johanneberg 031-333 64 40

Customer Center Utlanda 031-333 64 20

Customer Center Rosendal 031-333 64 60

Customer Center Olofshöjd 031-333 64 00

Customer Center Kaserntorget 031-333 63 10

Important links
A website that disseminates information from government agencies and other officials in the context of a crisis or serious incident.


Best regards

SGS Studentbostäder