IP telephony.

With IP-telephony you make calls through your Internet connection instead of the traditional analogue telephone network. Therefore transmission of telephone calls are completely digital.

When you buy an IP-telephony service it common to receive a telephony that automatically connect to your IP-telephony provider. You will need to connect the telephone box into your Internet socket or broadband router.

How you connect your telephone box depends on which services your telephone box provides. It may have the functionality to act as a broadband router.

You will find an example below showing how to connect your telephony box to a broadband router. Several providers also offers a service called STUN. If your provider offers STUN, you do not have to forward any SIP, RTP or IAX ports.

You may need to forward ports from your router to your telephony box. Depending on which protoctols your service provider are using.

  • IAX demands UDP port 4569
  • SIP demands UDP/TCP 5060 and RTP ports
  • If your service provider uses SIP protocol, ask for RTP ports.

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