Your smoke detectors can save lives.

All of our smoke detectors are equipped with a test button that controls all functions of the smoke detector alarm. The test button should flash regularly when the smoke alarm works.
Test button flashes briefly a few times per minute. It indicates that the alarm is working. Smoke alarm function is also controlled by briefly pressing the test button. Smoke alarm siren will then sound while all functions are controlled automatically, the smoke detector goes into pause mode and two quick beeps. Pause State means that the smoke detector's sensitivity is reduced for 10 -15 minutes. Then the smoke alarm automatically returns to normal sensitivity.

As a tenant, you should try the smoke alarm at least once a month, preferably every week, for example during cleaning. Contact SGS Customer Service if the smoke detector does not alarm at the test!


Do not test with an open flame, this may damage the smoke and endanger the environment. The supplier does not recommend testing with smoke as this can be misleading if not properly test equipment used. Test gas for smoke detectors can even damage the smoke alarm. Test button tests all the necessary functions of the smoke alarm.

The smoke alarm should be vacuumed regularly with a soft brush and wipe exterior with a damp cloth.

This is how you protect yourself against fires (PDF).