Tillgången 601 and 602


Building type

3-6 storey brick buildings, built in 1969-1971.


209 x18,5 square metre single rooms with group kitchen.


Approximately 3970 - 4250 SEK/Month.


Inventory list Olofshöjd

Special inventory list Olofshöjd  (applies only to Uppstigen 127 - 133 and 132 - 138).

Communal kitchens

Communal kitchens at Olofshöjd are shared between four to eight people. Those who share the kitchens are jointly responsible for the daily cleaning. SGS Studentbostäder clean the floors and free surfaces once every two weeks.

Common spaces

Exercise hall/volleyball court, sauna, table tennis, billiards, café, restaurant, day-care centre... The services available at Olofshöjd cover the complete spectrum.

Olofshöjd: our largest area

Our Olofshöjd area features 1 410 apartments, but the little gardens surrounded by low buildings nevertheless convey a sense of small-scale living and community. As a residential area, Olofshöjd has almost everything you could ask for.

Our 1,047 single rooms feature a shared kitchen for every 4 or 8 rooms. There are also 12 furnished single rooms adapted for disabled persons, sharing a common kitchen.