Four different internet connections.

SGS Studentbostäder provides Internet service to SGS all its properties and largely those we manage in blocks. Search here on our website to find out if SGS Studentbostäder is the Internet Service Provider for your area or building.

We have four different types of Internet connections depending on the lease agreement signed with SGS Studentbostäder.

SGSNET Student

Student apartments in SGS all its properties and largely those we manage in blocks are always connected using a student connection. There is no need to notify us in advance in order to get connected, it is included. When you have moved in you will get the opportunity to register for and enable the connection. More information on this is available under: Getting started

The connection is a wire bound connection that can be complemented with your own wireless router. Some apartments have more than one Internet socket available, read more about it under: Several Internet sockets

The connection is providing speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second for sending and receiving data.
1 gigabit per second = 1 Gbit/s = 1 Gbps = 1000 megabit per second

One static IPv4 address is provided, it is acquired automatically by your computer or router using DHCP. You have the opportunity to choose  the hostname of your connection when you register.

When you move

When moving out earlier than the contract expire date, it is good to notify Datanätgruppen (Computer Network Group) about terminating your connection so that the next tenant that moves in does not use your Internet connection. You can find our contact information here.


SGSNET Företag

Companies who are renting a business place can connect to the Internet with SGSNET Företag.

There is two choices of wired speed to choose from, 100 megabit or up to 1000 megabit both to and from the computer.

One public IPv4 address is included.

For more information about the Internet connection and to sign it up use the contact information.


If you live in a non student apartment in Rosendal an Internet connection is available with SGSNET Privat.

You can choose a connection speed of 100 Mbit/s for 295 kr per month or 1000 Mbit/s for 695 kr per month. The fee will be include in your rent, it will be declared as a separate point on your rent.

We will enable your connection within 5 working days, you will need to notify us one month in advance if you terminate your connection.

Technical information

The Internet connection is a 100 megabit or 1000 megabit ethernet connection, one static IP address is included, it is assigned automatically.


In order to get connected using SGSNET Privat, you are required to:
  • you live at Studiegången 3-19.
  • you have a non student housing contract.

In order to enable your Internet connection you will need to:
Read the terms of agreement, print out the registration form, fill it in and send it by mail to us:

SGS Studentbostäder
att: Datanätgrupp
Kaserntorget 11
411 18 Göteborg

Forms and Information

Terms of agreement and form (PDF)
Termination form (PDF)

SGSNET Wireless

A supplement to the wired internet connection in the apartments there is a wireless connection in common premises. SGSNET Wireless is integrated with eduroam

There is a wireless connection to the Internet in our common promises. Outside common premises there are no guarantees to access. This is an addition to the apartments wired Internet connection, and it is not intended to cover the apartments. The wired connection in the apartment has better performance and has a stable Internet connection.

Connecting to the wireless network

To connect to the wireless access point it is used the authentication method called dot1x. How to do it is described in the guide SGSNET Wireless.

Premises with wireless Internet connection

  • Andra Långgatan

  • Birger Jarl
    Study room

  • Blendas Gata
    Study room

  • Brahegatan

  • Drakegatan/Gårda

  • Första Långgatan

  • Gibraltar
    Billiard room

  • Guldhedstornet
    Common premises

  • Kjellmansgatan

  • Kviberg
    Common room in Lilla Regementsvägen 6
    Common room in Lilla Regementsvägen 8
    Common room in Lilla Regementsvägen 10
    TV room in Lilla Regementsvägen 14
    Billiard room in Lilla Regementsvägen 16
    Dining room in Lilla Regementsvägen 16
    Gym in Lilla Regementsvägen 16
    TV room in Tyghusvägen 6-8
    TV room in Tyghusvägen 10-12
    TV room in Tyghusvägen 14

  • Lindholmsallén
    Dining room
    Study room
    TV room

  • Medicinareberget
    Study room

  • Odin
    Billiard room on floor 4
    Gym on floor 6
    Dining room on floor 8

  • Olofshöjd
    Study room in 203
    Hobby room in 220
    Gym in 301
    Café Olof in 305
    Table tennis in 309
    Exercise hall 310
    Billiard in 413

  • Opaltorget
    Study room

  • Ostkupan
    Billiard room
    Study room

  • Plejaden
    Study room

  • Rosendal
    Kitchen in 3/4 on floor 1
    Kitchen in 3/4 on floor 2
    Study room in 3
    Study room in 15
    Gym in 19

  • Rotary
    Study room

  • Viktor Rydberg
    Study room
    Table tennis room

  • Volrat Tham
    Billiard room
    Study room