Rent negotiation for 2023 continues

October 28, SGS Student Housing and the Renters Association (Hyresgästföreningen) started negotiations for the rent levels for 2023.

The negotiations are based on a tripartite model agreed between Allmännyttan, the Property Owners and the Tenants' Association. The model is based on five parameters, two local and three national. The local parameters are tariff-related charges (heat, water, electricity and waste) as well as management and maintenance. The national parameters are interest costs, GDP and inflation. The model involves local negotiations with the Tenants' Association.

The past year has been characterized by very high inflation, rising interest rates and sharply increased rate-related fees, which resulted in large cost increases for the foundation. Based on the tripartite model, we have calculated a rent increase of 9.1%, but taking students' finances into account, our demand is 8.7%.

The negotiations have thus started and will continue for some time to come. We will continuously inform you on the website about how the negotiations are going forward.


Update January 3

Rent negotiations are ongoing. SGS Studentbostäder's claim is 8.7% as of January 1, 2023, which may mean a retroactive rent increase depending on when an agreement can be reached.