Rent negotiation for 2024


Rent negotiation for 2024 continues

SGS and the Tenants' Association (Hyresgästföreningen, HGF) submit the annual rent negotiation to the Rental Market Committee* (Hyresmarknadskommittén, HMK).

After several meetings during the fall, SGS and HGF have not been able to agree on the rent adjustment for 2024. Because of this, we have jointly decided to refer the negotiation to mediation at the Rental Market Committee (HMK). There is a risk that rent negotiations will drag on, which could lead to a retroactive rent charge in 2024. We are doing everything we can to ensure that this does not happen as we know that the students have limited finances.

We are well aware that rents are a heavy expense in the students' finances, and we do everything we can to keep costs down in our administration. The decision to take the negotiation to HMK is based on the fact that SGS needs to follow the socio-economic cost trend and get coverage for annual increases in tariff-related charges such as water, heating and waste. In addition to these fixed increases, SGS must also ensure financial coverage for the price development that occurs in society, such as construction and property-related products and services. Obtaining financial coverage for known cost increases are important in order to maintain the quality of housing and ensure the future for SGS.

Therefore, we refer the case to mediation and we now have to wait for the outcome of the upcoming mediation process in HMK.

We have lowered our demand from the original 9.1% to the current 8.5% as of January 1, 2024, but based on the upcoming mediation process in HMK, a certain delay in the rent adjustment is to be expected. This also means that a retroactive rent adjustment may become relevant. More information about this will come as soon as the mediation is complete.

We currently have no information about the rent adjustments for the other 1,000 homes that we rent from other property owners.

*The Rental Market Committee was established in 1957 and is a Swedish national committee made up of parties that tries disputes in connection with the annual rent negotiations between the Tenants' Association and housing companies that are members of Sveriges Allmännytta. HMK consists of members from Sveriges Allmännytta and the Tenants' Association and mediates and tries disputes in connection with the annual rent negotiations when the local parties do not reach an agreement.



The work with the annual rent negotion has started.

Every year, SGS Studentbostäder and the Tenants’ Association (Hyresgästföreningen) negotiate the rents for the upcoming year.

For 2024 SGS Studentbostäder demands 9.1%.

The negotiations are based on a tripartite model agreed between Sveriges Allmännytta, the Property Owners (Fastighetsägarna) and the Tenants' Association (Hyresgästföreningen). The model is based on five parameters, two local and three national. The local parameters are tariff-related charges (heat, water, electricity and waste) as well as management and maintenance. The national parameters are interest costs, GDP and inflation.

The rent negotiations will take place in the autumn, and the ambition is to make the rent adjustment in January 2024. More information about the rent negotiations will be continiously published here on the website.