Rent negotiation for 2024 completed

SGS Studentbostäder and the Tenants' Association have agreed on a new rent level for 2024. The agreement means that housing rents will be increased retroactively from January 1st by 4.99%.

The retroactive rent is charged on the invocie for April on all SGS homes.

The homes that we sublease from another property owner on Dr Lindhs Gata, Ekbacka, Brahegatan, Gårda Fabriker, Kastanjebacken, Lisa Sass gata (Selma), Nya Varvet and Smörkärnegatan will receive the same increase (4.99%) of the housing rents.

The rent adjustments for the other approx. 1000 homes that we rent from other property owners follow their adjustments, and we have no information about them at the moment.